About Jeremiah Peschka

I recently graduated from Portland State University, where I studied functional programming and systems programming. I live in Portland, OR with my girlfriend Kendra and two dogs – Stormy and Freyja. I like loud music, technology, solving problems, food, and sharing what I know.

I’ve been blogging in one form or another since 2000. Although a lot of the early work has been lost to time, you can find my blog posts at:

You can still find my most recent round of blogging right here where I talk about computers. My work no longer focuses on databases (relational or otherwise). Earlier works are online over at brentozar.com.

In early 2011, I started Brent Ozar Unlimited with Brent Ozar and Kendra Little. We had a vision about how consulting should work – we love sharing what we know and that is a primary goal of our training. It was a lot of fun, but in 2015 it was time to move on. Now I’m a full time grad student at Portland State University.

I started off my career as a UNIX system administrator taking care of big iron UNIX running HP-UX and Solaris. Throughout my career, I became impressed with the power of data and databases; I figured out that a few well-formed lines of code in a database can lead to greater performance than tuning application code.