PostgreSQL Data Checksums

If you use SQL Server, you’re used to the database doing page verification for you as the sensible default. If you want SQL Server to not verify data, you have to do a bit of extra work. Naturally, I would’ve assumed that this was the case with other databases since, after all, having good data on…
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PostgreSQL Update Internals

I recently covered the internals of a row in PostgreSQL, but that was just the storage piece. I got more curious and decided that I would look into what happens when a row gets updated. There are a lot of complexities to data, after all, and it’s nice to know how our database is going…
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PostgreSQL Row Storage Fundamentals

I answered a question a few days ago on Stack Overflow about PostgreSQL & SQL Server btree storage fundamentals. After I answered the question, I started thinking more and more about how PostgreSQL stores data on the row. Rather than be content to live in ignorance, I went digging through PostgreSQL’s source code and some…
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PostgreSQL Extensions

Dimitri Fontaine has been working on adding extension packaging functionality to PostgreSQL for a while. His hard work has paid off and PostgreSQL 9.1 will have extensions. How will extensions work? At a cursory glance, extensions are similar to libraries or DLLs in the programming world. Extensions are packaged units of code that can be…
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PostgreSQL Tutorial – Creating Your First Database

Once you’ve installed PostgreSQL (OS X Instructions) (other platforms), you’ll probably want to get started with a new database. Unfortunately PostgreSQL does not include a sample database by default. You can download the pagila sample database from the pgFoundry (direct download link). Pagila is a simple movie rental database, sort of like what you would…
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