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An empty stadium

There Is No Delete

I don’t have any Apple devices. I used to own a bunch of them, but over time I’ve switched from an iPhone to a Nexus phone; I have an Android tablet; my laptop and desktop both run Linux. Somewhere along the way, I decided that I should either delete my old Apple ID or remove…
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Friends Don’t Let Friends Use DATETIME

I know you love your Pontiac Aztek, but it’s time to move on from SQL Server 2005’s limited set of data types. Unless, of course, you’re stuck on SQL Server 2005. If that’s the case, then you should get working on your migration. For the rest of you, let’s talk about why you should stop…
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A pile of taquitos, which I will not be giving away for free.

I’m speaking at SQLintersection 2016

I’ll be speaking at SQLintersection this spring in Orlando! It’s gonna be fun on a bun. Totally not giving away free taquitos Two Regular Sessions I’m presenting two regular sessions – Database Lies We Tell Ourselves and Database Design for Software Architects. In Database Lies We Tell Ourselves, I’m going to shed light on common misconceptions…
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Memory Optimized Tables and Columnstore

Let’s follow up on When ALTER TABLE doesn’t work. To summarize: while messing around with SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.2 I was unable to issue ALTER TABLE statements on a memory optimized table that has a clustered columnstore index. What Will Work in SQL Server 2016 It turns out that SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.2 doesn’t…
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Everything Fails

Everything is horrible! Wait, that’s not the message I want to send at all. I wonder if these guys have an HA/DR plan… Planning for Failure Should Be Comprehensive Think about the last time you thought about high availability and disaster recovery… You’re lying, nobody ever thinks about HA and DR. Not until something is…
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When ALTER TABLE doesn’t work

We’re all used to being able to change things whenever we want. Heck, I put on a different pair of socks just to write this blog post! They’re my bloggin’ socks. But, back to the topic at hand, we’re used to being able to use ALTER TABLE commands to change tables in SQL Server. And,…
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Why use a GUID for a clustering key?

Conventional wisdom in the database world is that nobody should ever use a GUID for a clustering key. And the people who do are clearly awful people who hate kittens and everything good in the world. I’ve probably even gotten up in somebody’s business about this before. The problem with common knowledge is that it may…
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Locking and Blocking and Immutable Data

Locking and blocking feel like a normal part of working with databases, right? Locking and blocking inevitably lead to deadlocks in our databases, too. A significant amount of both human and computer time is spent resolving these problems in the database. After all, if it weren’t for locking and blocking, database professionals would spend their…
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