Interviewing (A Gently Stolen Idea)

I totally ripped this idea off. I think that’s okay, I’m giving credit.

The premise is responding to a set of interview questions written thusly:

I like _____________________ .

I love _____________________ .

I want _____________________ .

I was _____________________ .

I am _____________________ .

I will _____________________ .

I think _____________________ .

I know _____________________ .


I like making up the plan as I go.

I love summer thunderstorms. Especially late at night.

I want to be remembered for the small things and celebrated for the big ones.

I was born on a pirate ship.

I am never going to be as grown up as they want me to be.

I will not compromise, but I will listen and change.

I think a lot of things are overrated.

I know many things. I don’t know which ones are important.