SQL Server Presenters on Twitter

I put out a call a while back for a list of SQL Server presenters who are on twitter. A fair number of people responded. I kept it quiet because I was busy doing my day job, but I was secretly plotting… Plotting to put this list together and share it worth the world! (evil laughter)

Not only did I put this list on my blog, I also put it on twitter. Behold, my SQL Server presenters twitter list.

I will be trying to maintain this list as more people come get on twitter and become willing to share their twitter info. I wish that I could give this twitter list over to the community to maintain, but I am more than willing to take list maintenance on until there’s a way to trade list ownership on twitter.

The whole point of the list is to make it easy to find presenters and presentations, both for the future needs of a user group as well as for your immediate needs (e.g. your speaker cancels at the last minute).

If you’d like to get on the list, hit me up on twitter or shoot me an email via thecontact page.

Josef Richberg @sqlrunner
Brent Ozar @BrentO
Thomas LaRock @sqlrockstar
Kendal Van Dyke @sqldba
Tim Ford @sqlagentman
Lara Rubbelke @sqlgal
TJay Belt @tjaybelt
Todd McDermid @Todd_McDermid
Jack Corbett @unclebiguns
Kevin Kline @kekline
Colin Stasiuk @BenchmarkIT
Trevor Barkhouse @SQLServerSleuth
Ken Simmons @kensimmons
Aaron Nelson @sqlvariant
Jorge Segarra @SQLChicken
Joe Webb @JoeWebb
Glenn Berry @GlennAlanBerry
Pinal Dave @PinalDave
Sean McCown @MidnightDBA
Jonathan Kehayias @SQLSarg
Tim Mitchell @Tim_Mitchell
Eric Humphrey @lotsahelp
Artemakis Artemiou @artemakis
Wes Brown @WesBrownSQL
Aaron Bertrand @AaronBertrand
Adam Machanic @AdamMachanic
Jimmy May @aspiringgeek
Rob Farley @rob_farley
Brad Hurley @bradohurley
Rick Heiges @heigesr2
Chris Randall @cfrandall
Stuart Ainsworth @stuarta
Mladen Prajdic @mladenprajdic
K. Brian Kelley @kbriankelley
Arnie Rowland @Arnie1568
Buck Woody @BuckWoody
Ross Mistry @RossMistry
Grant Fritchey @GFritchey
Rod Colledge @rodcolledge
Denny Cherry @mrdenny
John Sterrett @johnsterrett