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AppDev Virtual Meeting Today @ 1:00PM Eastern

I just wanted to get out a quick update about the AppDev Live Meeting today.

Josef Richberg will be speaking on the subject of SSIS Load Balancing. You can find more details on the Application Development Virtual Chapter home page. Or, at 1PM Eastern time (UTC -0400) you can head on over to LiveMeeting.


How is it possible to aggregate 12,000,000 records of sales data in a short time window? In this presentation Josef Richberg will demonstrate the techniques used to randomize the input data and then use the SSIS threading framework to distribute the workload. These techniques make it possible to process a large quantity of data in a very short time frame.

About Josef Richberg

Josef is a DBA for HarperCollins Publishers working with SQL Server and SSIS. He has over 16 years experience designing, building, and tuning SQL Server. Josef is also the recipient of the ’2009 Exceptional DBA’ award and he actively blogs at http://josef-richberg.squarespace.com.

AppDev Virtual Chapter and CBusPASS Round Up

A special thanks to Grant Fritchey and Kevin Kline for their recent presentations.

Understanding Execution Plans

Grant Fritchey's Fists of Fury - putting execution plans in their place

Grant Fritchey's Fists of Fury - putting execution plans in their place

Grant Fritchey gave a phenomenal presentation covering more than just the plain basics about execution plans. Rather than focus on the wealth of potential operators that SQL Server can show in an execution plan, Grant focused on reading actual execution plans and showing the most common operations and what they mean. In addition to covering some ideal scenarios, Grant also discussed potential performance bottlenecks, how to investigate these potential bottlenecks, and what to do when they become an actual problem.

Unfortunately, due to technical mishaps (Grant and I both forgetting to start the presentation recording) there is no recording.

FEAR NOT! There will be a repeat of this presentation in October when Grant will be presenting virtually for the CBusPASS group.

End to End Performance Tuning

Kevin Kline happily donated his evening, skipped part of the DevLink keynote and drove me back to my hotel in order to present remotely for CBusPASS. Kevin outlined a performance tuning methodology that works universally across SQL Server 2005 and 2008. Kevin’s presentation, despite some technical hiccups, covered some great ground and reminded me that it’s alwasy best to start at the most basic level (error logs in both Windows and SQL Server) and move through the general layers of the OS, database, and then application while slowly narrowing down towards the specific problem and a working solution.

Bonus Fact: Kevin is red-green color blind.

Recent PASS Happenings

What’s new in PASS? Okay, that’s not truly what this is about. This is about what’s new in my little corner of PASS.

CBusPASS Meeting, June 11th

Last week the local PASS chapter met and Brent Ozar and I gave a recap of our Pain of the Week presentation – Developing Something for Nothing (SQL Server Express Edition and SQL Server Management Studio Express). The presentation went very well despite some bandwidth problems with LiveMeeting – audio glitches led to Brent sounding like a crazy evil robot a few times.

After the presentation, a number of local chapter members sat around and talked about what we have been working on and the things that we’d like to see presentations about in the future. It’s nice to take the time and connect with the local SQL community. I think, too often, we focus on getting a solid presenter and pulling everything off without a hitch rather than encouraging a sense of community. Last week’s meeting definitely had some hitches – pizza was late due to outside causes, there were Live Meeting audio issues due to bandwidth, we were in a different room due to scheduling conflicts. But, despite all of that (or because of it) we had a great meeting with a lot of interaction and community building. And, at the end of the day, isn’t that what having a user group is all about?

PASS Application Development Virtual Chapter

Yesterday, June 16th, the Application Development Virtual Chapter had its monthly meeting. Mladen Prajdic, author of the SSMS Tools Pack was kind enough to speak. The presentation was a huge success and we had 27 attendees tune in virtually for Mladen’s presentation: SQL Server 2008 for Developers. The presentation was recorded with LiveMeeting and will be available online for download in the next week.

Upcoming Presentations


Next month, Andy Leonard will be presenting, via LiveMeeting, at CBusPASS. The topic of the presentation is Incremental Loads, Change Data Capture, and SSIS 2008 – Change Data Capture is a new SQL Server 2008 feature. One benefit of CDC is data filtering for Incremental ETL in SSIS: only touching rows that are new, updated, or have been deleted! In this presentation I walk through enabling Change Data Capture in SQL Server 2008, then present an overview of an SSIS package that utilizes Change Data Capture to perform Incremental ETL.

App Dev Virtual Chapter

Aaron Alton will be presenting for the Application Development Virtual Chapter about Simple Data Change Tracking in SQL Server – For many reasons, it is often advantageous to be able to track data modifications in SQL Server applications. Some businesses require change tracking for audit purposes, and application administrators often desire change tracking to maintain visibility into application interfaces.

In this presentation, Aaron Alton will look at the two most common methods of application data change tracking: DML triggers and SQL Server Change Tracking. Aaron will review the strengths and weaknesses of each method, and demonstrate the ease with which data changes can be recorded and retrieved.

Hope to see you all there!

PASS App Dev SIG Live Meeting – May 19th, 1:00 PM

Rolling Your Own Replication

Presenter: Brent Ozar

SQL Server’s built-in replication has made great strides in the last couple of versions, but what if it’s still not enough? One team needed more flexibility, easier administration and higher scalability, so they built their own solution instead. Brent Ozar will discuss how the system was architected, the pros and cons, and how you can build a similar solution for your own needs. He’ll explain some of the lessons learned in scaling this out to thousands of remote SQL Servers

How Do I View the Presentation?

Follow the link and join the LiveMeeting.

Audio is provided through a conference bridge:
Toll-free: +1 (866) 379-8990
Participant code: 6489756

If this is your first time using LiveMeeting, please make sure to check your system for compatability issues.

PASS Related Announcement

I made the announcement earlier today in my presentation at the Iowa Code Camp and I only thought that it was fitting that I repeat the announcement in some kind of official blog post.

As of May 1st, I have taken over the PASS AppDev SIG from Todd Robinson. Todd will still be a friendly face within the PASS organization and will be staying active in other ways.

I’m very interested in continuing to keep the community involved and expand the role of the SIG in the PASS community as a hole. Expect more information soon!

Meet the New App Dev SIG Marketing Coordinator

It’s time to meet the new PASS App Dev SIG Marketing Coordinator: me!

What exactly will I be doing? Well, according to Blythe I will be doing the following:

  • Work directly with Blythe at PASS HQ to determine marketing strategy of the Application Development SIG
  • Come up with creative ways to get meeting information and new content out to the community
  • Work with other SIG groups to share marketing resources
  • Form press gangs Recruit volunteers
  • Help drive overall direction of the App Dev SIG
  • Bring Blythe delicious pastries from around the globe

What this REALLY means is that I’ll be working with PASS and with you, the community, to find new ways to raise awareness of the Application Development SIG, attract quality speakers, recruit you into service via some type of “draft” system, and find out what us App Dev SIG folks can do to help you.

Join a SIG, save an out of work actor.

Join a SIG, save an out of work actor.

Are you going to see me standing around on street corners waving App Dev SIG signs? It’s possible, especially if I need to bring back pastries from exotic locations like Schenectady, NY or Hartford, CT. However, more importantly, it means what I’ve said previously: I’m going to listen to the community, take that into account, and then accept bribes.

Wait, that’s not right.

I’ll be working with Blythe and Todd to get the word out about the App Dev SIG, drive content creation, and market the bejesus out of this thing. Your bribes of bacon will not work on me, largely because I don’t eat meat.

Dynamic T-SQL Resources

As a follow up to my Dynamic T-SQL presentation, a list of Dynamic T-SQL resources have been posted on the AppDev SIG page of PASS site. Hit up the link for more info.

When I first started writing dynamic SQL, I had a hard time finding any resources on the topic. If you have any that you’d like to share, hit me up in the comments or shoot me an email at jeremiah.peschka@gmail.com and I’ll be sure to review it and put the link up.

Dyanmic SQL Presentation Tomorrow – March 31

Just a quick reminder that I will be presenting on Dynamic SQL tomorrow at 1pm EST for the PASS AppDev SIG. Details are available in my previous post. Hope to see you all there.

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